Are the Virgin Islands Safer than Puerto Rico?

Both the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are considered safe destinations for tourists, with a low crime rate. Puerto Rico is often considered one of the safest Caribbean islands, even safer than the United States. UU. Puerto Rico is more than three times the size of the United States.

UU., V,. The Virgin Islands have a rich culture and an interesting history, with several nations colonizing them and enriching their culture, architecture, and cuisine. The Croix Heritage Trail has part of St. Croix's most important historic sites, such as the Whim Plantation Museum and St.

The Estate Whim Museum has a well-preserved old colonial house and a sugar plantation museum. Puerto Rico has more cultural and historical sites than the United States. Puerto Rico also has more museums than the U. S.

Virgin Islands. Puerto Rico has a Spanish, African and Taino heritage and a more exotic feel of the Latin Caribbean. Enjoy AH Rilse, Calico Jack, Cruzan and Sailor Jerry rum brands for those who want to try Caribbean rum. But did you know that according to The Weekly Journal, 70 percent of the rum that Americans drink comes from Puerto Rico? Don Q, Bacardi, Ron Del Barrilito, Ron Alto Grande and Palo Viejo are just some of the Puerto Rican rums you can try.

We have tours in Puerto Rico to see the rum-making process. Visit Hacienda Doña Ana to see how Ron Del Barrilito is made and Casa Bacardi in Cataño to see how they produce Bacardi. If you're visiting Ponce, visit Castillo Serralles to learn more about Don Q Rum. Puerto Rico has more nature reserves than the United States.

The El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical forest under the jurisdiction of the United States. With an area of 43.75 square miles, El Yunque is nearly twice the size of the United States. Puerto Rico also has the Guánica Dry Forest, the Toro Negro State Forest, the Isla de Mona Nature Reserve, the Cabo Rojo Wildlife Refuge, the Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve, and many other places for nature lovers. The Virgin Islands are more expensive than going on vacation to Puerto Rico. You'll pay 50 to 70 percent more for food, transportation and lodging in the U.

Virgin Islands than you'll pay for the same services in Puerto Rico. Flights from major US cities. UU. to EE.

The Virgin Islands were nearly 40 percent more expensive than flights to Puerto Rico. As for safety, both destinations are safe for tourists traveling alone or with family or in groups. The Virgin Islands Police Department is responsible for law enforcement in the USVI and is well-trained and equipped to keep people safe. In addition, each municipality in Puerto Rico has its own Municipal Police Force, and many hotels, bars and other places have private security. Both destinations offer beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters. The Virgin Islands have about 117 miles of coastline while Puerto Rico has about 270 miles of coastline with close to 300 beaches.

The Virgin Islands do not have major hotel branches which makes their beaches less crowded and more “pristine” while Puerto Rico also has secluded beaches where you can enjoy a wide variety of water sports.

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