Do I Need a Passport to Visit the Virgin Islands?

As a U. S. citizen, you don't need a passport to visit the United States Virgin Islands. All you need is a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license, passport, or reliable traveler program card.

However, if you are traveling from the U. Virgin Islands to the continental United States, you will need to present evidence of citizenship, such as a passport or birth certificate. Citizens from countries other than the U. will also need to present a valid passport when entering the U.

Virgin Islands. When leaving the U. Virgin Islands, travelers are not required to present a passport, but they must show evidence of citizenship such as a government-issued photo ID or passport. Additionally, all passengers and cargo traveling from Hawaii to the continental United States are screened prior to departure in order to prevent any non-native plant species, pest, or plant disease that may be present on one of the islands from entering the mainland.

For more information on what agricultural products can be brought from the U. Virgin Islands and Hawaii, visit the USDA website. When arriving at the airport in the U. Virgin Islands, travelers must present their passport or other valid identity document to a customs inspector and pick up their bags from the baggage carousel before going through Immigration and presenting their identification and plane tickets. Be prepared for your bags to be thoroughly checked inside and out. Once past customs and the airport control area, there are new doors with comfortable chairs and a small cafeteria that serves light snacks, soft drinks, beer and limited cocktails, as well as a gift shop. Most people travel to the Virgin Islands (USVI) because of the tropical beaches with turquoise waters and their beautiful wildlife.

But even out of the water, there are many things that visitors can explore, from the culture to the history and cuisine of the region. The climate in the Virgin Islands varies according to the seasons. The best time to visit is between April and June when temperatures are mild and weather is generally calm. You can enjoy beaches more this way and explore nature, cuisine and culture offered by islands. If weather doesn't worry you much, there are other ways to consider best travel months. For example, hotel and activity rates depend on traffic so they are much cheaper outside April to June window as there are fewer tourists. So if you want to get more value for your money and avoid crowds you can avoid high season. Another alternative would be to use WIFI in Virgin Islands which would be completely free but it is only accessible in commercial and residential environments so you wouldn't have access to phone services while you're away from hotels and restaurants. English is main language so you can easily navigate region and won't need to translate your official documents. It's best to use it as an add-on instead of the main source of communication.

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