The Best Virgin Islands to Visit on Your Next Vacation

Are you looking for the perfect destination for your next vacation? Look no further than the Virgin Islands! This Caribbean paradise is made up of thousands of small islands, but there are seven main islands that attract most tourists. From St. Thomas to Water Island, each island offers something unique and special. Keep reading to find out which Virgin Island is the best for you!St.

Thomas is the busiest and most commercialized of the three islands. It has a reputation for being more exclusive, with lots of tax-free stores, high-end restaurants and golf courses. And, unlike the other islands, St. Thomas has a lively nightlife at dusk.

Take the St. Thomas Skyride and take it to a point 700 feet above the island's capital, Charlotte Amalie, for spectacular views of the Caribbean. Or swim with sea lions at Coral World Ocean Park. You can also visit Bluebeard Castle, a Danish fortress built in 1689; visit the Haagensen House, home of Danish banker Hans Haagensen; and climb the 99 steps (there are actually 103).

And we can't forget the beach - don't miss Magens Bay, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful in the world. For snorkeling or diving, it's best to head to Coki Beach. You won't find crowds in St. Thomas because the island doesn't have a major airport; most people take a ferry from St. Thomas, about three miles away, and because nearly two-thirds of the island is protected as a national park.

Once there, you won't find many public transport options, shops, or restaurants either. St. Croix is the largest of the three islands but receives the least amount of tourists, making it a great destination if you want a less commercial Caribbean experience. We recommend that you base your visit in Christiansted, where you can tour the historic fort and take a boat to nearby Buck Island to snorkel at one of only three underwater national monuments in the United States. St.

Croix is also home to Cruzan Rum and Captain Morgan Rum (both offering guided tours and exhibitions) and the Estate Whim Plantation Museum. You'll also want to set aside a night to kayak through the bioluminescent bay - it's impressive! When it comes to things to do in St. Croix, if you're a food enthusiast and like to explore local offerings, reserve a table on Savant's patio. For a quick bite to eat, try one of the smaller roadside restaurants that serve chicken or roti (curry wrapped in flatbread).Tortola is another area that visitors can use for a quick day trip from Tortola.

This island can be reached in a short 30-minute ferry ride. The legend of this area has it that Christopher Columbus called the island Virgin Gorda because its shape looked like that of a woman. This island is a short boat ride from Tortola. Even though the place is only three square miles long, it's packed with activities, beaches, and restaurants. The Gran Puerto contains beach bars and local seafood restaurants.

This area has a more relaxed and relaxed atmosphere which makes for a wonderful day trip from Tortola. Visitors will see a lot of yachts lounging on the sea as this is a popular area for this activity. Tortola is the largest of these four islands and contains several incredible beaches but the best one is Smuggler's Cove famous for its white sand. If you like surfing you can visit Apple Bay which is one of the best places in the Caribbean for this activity. As for diving Tortola is the starting point if you want to visit the wreck of the RMS Rhone which sank during the 19th century because of a powerful hurricane leaving it resting on the bottom of the ocean. The fourth Virgin Island in The United States is Water Island which is just east of Puerto Rico and can be reached by ferry from Charlotte Amalie in just 30 minutes.

This quiet leafy island is home to The Virgin Islands National Park which covers two-thirds of it making it an excellent choice for wildlife or adventure lovers. The United States Virgin Islands are by no means considered economic destinations as they are expensive compared to other tropical points of interest but they offer enough time to hike The Virgin Islands National Park trails and relax on its beautiful beaches. So if you're looking for an unforgettable vacation experience look no further than The Virgin Islands! From St Thomas' lively nightlife to Tortola's incredible beaches there's something here for everyone.

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