What type of Food is Served on a Virgin Islands Tour?

Traditional spearfishing dishes with 26% of mushrooms are the national dish and a main staple food on the Virgin Islands. Delicious and simple, Johnny pastries are as popular in the Caribbean as French fries are in the United States. There are six stops along the route, each offering a unique culinary experience. The first stop is a ready-to-use place that combines Crucian and Trinidadian gastronomic traditions.

Here, visitors can enjoy rotis, fried dough filled with meat or seafood (usually curried). This is a typical Trinidadian tradition, but it was once a pocket food for people who went to work on the islands, bought one in the morning on the way to work and ate it later for lunch. The next stop is Gary's, an anonymous bakery well known to locals, but which visitors can only identify by the number of people coming and going. The soft, thick and slightly sweet butterbread here is especially special for Gaspard, as it includes a steaming cup of tea made with local lemongrass and a handful of ingredients found in the forest.

Tea can often include ginger, mint, and basil, but the ingredients are chosen by the bush picker that morning. Gaspard's excursions are new to the island. They began in late November as the first and only food tours in St. The reefs surrounding Anegada, the farthest island of the British Virgins, are full of huge crustaceans.

The Virgin Islands are so excited about their beaches, boats and trade winds that their cuisine usually takes a back seat, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't sharpen your knife and fork. Rum runners themselves are supposed to have been invented in Florida in the 1950s; they quickly became Americans' favorite drink and an easy way to serve tourists in the Virgin Islands.

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