Safety Precautions for a Virgin Islands Tour

When planning a trip to the U. S. Virgin Islands, it's important to take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. While the islands have a higher crime rate than other Caribbean destinations, the overall security of the U.

Virgin Islands is strong. When you're outside, the safest routes are those along main streets and in well-lit areas. Traveling by official taxi is the safest mode of transportation during the night hours, and walking is not recommended. Alcohol consumption should be done responsibly and a drink should not be left unattended.

Be sure to keep all doors and windows closed when leaving your hotel or rental property. Avoid walking alone at night and avoid isolated areas. When you go out, try to blend in with the locals and dress conservatively. Finally, be sure to carry your passport or other identification at all times. The Virgin Islands are right where the Greater Antilles make the transition to the Lesser Antilles.

The three United States Virgin Islands can offer an incredible beach vacation with sunny days next to beautiful blue waters. This local custom may seem like pure courtesy to some of us, but it is important enough for the inhabitants of the Virgin Islands to include this reminder on the tourist information map of all the islands. In addition, the United States Virgin Islands Police Department is responsible for law enforcement on the islands. If you take the right precautions and are attentive to your environment, you can enjoy a safe trip to the United States Virgin Islands. While the U.

Virgin Islands drive on the left, all cars are imported from the United States and drivers are on the left side of the car. The most common security problem for travelers to the United States Virgin Islands is misdemeanor crimes, such as wallet theft and wallet theft. The United States Virgin Islands are currently three main islands, Santo Tomas, San Juan and Santa Cruz, and several small surrounding islands. Yes, the U. Virgin Islands are safe for tourists. Take care of your drinks at bars and resorts, and never walk alone at night.

With proper safety precautions in place, you can enjoy a wonderful vacation in this beautiful Caribbean paradise.

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