What Type of Insurance is Recommended for Taking a Virgin Islands Tour?

All travelers to the U. S. Virgin Islands can protect their financial investment with Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) insurance. With CFAR, travelers can cancel their travel plans for any reason with minimal financial loss.

The Virgin Islands (USVI) are one of the main destinations in the Caribbean, especially for U. citizens. While travel insurance isn't required, it is highly recommended to purchase a plan to cover the unexpected. Travel medical plans offer protection if you get sick, but most travelers choose even more protection.

A comprehensive insurance plan that includes trip cancellation, as well as many other benefits, can offer better protection to travelers. A popular coverage option is Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR), which can even cover the cancellation of trips due to fear of contracting the virus. However, some restrictions and limitations apply. The Virgin Islands are a popular stop on Caribbean cruise itineraries. If you're taking a cruise to, from, or during your trip, consider a plan that incorporates cruise insurance.

If you're not on a cruise, you're most likely flying to the islands. Flight insurance offers practical coverage for many scenarios such as delays, mechanical problems, and lost luggage. Hurricane season often affects travel plans to the Caribbean, so you should consider hurricane coverage if you plan to travel anytime between June 1 and November 30. Even if you're traveling outside this date range, inclement weather can affect your plans, so it's best to plan ahead. When it comes to hurricanes and other storms, coverage typically only applies if it was purchased before the storm was named. The cost of a plan varies depending on the number of travelers, their ages, the length of the trip and the type of coverage selected.

In general, older travelers, especially those with known medical problems and pre-existing conditions, can expect to pay a little more for coverage. Likewise, the longer the trip, the higher the overall fare. Passports are not required for U. citizens traveling to the Virgin Islands; however, it's still a good idea to take your passport with you in case you return to the U. through another country or planning to visit nearby islands including the British Virgin Islands. In reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.

Virgin Islands has instituted new entry requirements for travelers. While it is not mandatory to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter, it is highly recommended that travelers get vaccinated before traveling abroad. In addition, all incoming travelers must have a negative result on a qualifying molecular or antigen test performed no more than five days before the trip. Your test results must be uploaded to the U. Virgin Islands travel assessment portal which also contains comprehensive information about entry requirements upon arrival.

Visitors and residents are expected to practice social distancing and wear masks in public areas. It's also important to check if there are other mandatory vaccines for travel and ensure that they are up to date as some dangerous diseases can be spread through drinking water or insect bites. The official currency in the Virgin Islands is U. S., so if you're traveling from a country that uses another currency you should plan to exchange it before or after your arrival. ATMs are abundant on the busiest islands but some less traveled islands may not have as much access. Many tourist establishments and businesses accept major credit cards so it's best to travel with more than one card issued by different banks in case there are any problems abroad. The Virgin Islands are also tax-free so no taxes are added to food or retail products; however some resorts and excursion activities may include a tourist tax or have other additional charges so be sure to check with your provider.

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