When is the Best Time to Take a Virgin Islands Tour?

Winter through spring is the best time to visit the United States Virgin Islands (USVI). Pleasant temperatures and low rainfall make December to May an ideal time to explore the islands. June is also a great time to visit St. Thomas, as tourism is declining, making flights and hotels cheaper than in previous periods.

To be more specific, the best time to visit St. Croix is from January 22nd to April 15th, as that's when you can expect the mildest weather. As the calendar moves towards summer and fall, there are still many beautiful days left, but the risk of storms increases. On St.

John Island, mid-December through April is considered to be the best season, and it's the most popular time to visit it. It is sometimes referred to as tourist season because it is the busiest time when tourists visit the area. The dry season in the USVI runs from December to May, although May tends to have more rainfall than the other months of the dry season. The warmer months of March and April are even better.

However, the best times also depend on what visitors plan to do when they get there. Some months are better than others for spending time on the beaches and in the water. The Worst Times to Visit St. Thomas are from September to November. These months are at the heart of the Virgin Islands' hurricane season, also known as the rainy season.

The Virgin Islands rely heavily on tourism to maintain their economy, welcoming nearly 700,000 visitors each year by air and more than 1 million by sea, according to the Caribbean Tourism Organization. The chain of islands is one of the most visited in the Caribbean. Most cruise visitors go to St. Thomas while hotel visitors go to St. John.

Nearly 60 percent of tourists visit the USVI arrive between December and May, according to the Caribbean Tourism Organization. The most touristic month is March, during school spring break; December is a popular time to visit for the same reason. There is very little rain during the dry season, averaging about two inches a month, according to historical records in the USVI. May receives the most rainfall in the dry months, averaging just over three inches. That's still moderate for a Caribbean island. St.

Thomas's hurricane season officially begins on June 1 and ends in late November, at the same time as the hurricane season in the Caribbean. Tourism declines during this time due to the threat of bad weather. September is the least popular month to visit the islands, followed by October; these two months are often the worst months in the Caribbean when it comes to hurricanes, tropical storms and heavy rains. In the Virgin Islands, rainfall averages five to six inches per month from September to November, or twice as much as during dry season. Average daytime temperatures range from 85 degrees Fahrenheit in January to 90 degrees from July to September, according to the US Department of Agriculture; average nighttime temperatures range from 72 degrees Fahrenheit in January to 78 degrees Fahrenheit from June to September. The graphic on the right clearly shows that March and December are by far the most popular times for tourists visiting USVI; March is popular because of school spring break; December is popular because of Christmas holidays.

The least popular time to visit is September, followed by October during hurricane season. Although December through April is considered dry season with pleasant temperatures and low risk of rain, some trip planners may want other options due to fewer crowds and lower prices during rainy season months. However, it's important to keep an eye on 10-day forecast before booking last-minute vacations due to threat of hurricanes. The hurricane season officially lasts from June 1st through November 30th; USVI chain is on main route of many hurricanes that hit Caribbean and islands are often hit by them.

If you are planning a vacation in hurricane season it may be worth taking out trip cancellation insurance due to possibility of hurricanes. No matter what months you decide to visit USVI you can expect warm weather; however if you want avoid rain you can visit them during their dry season which runs from December through May.

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