Exploring the Virgin Islands: The Best Ways to Get Around

The Virgin Islands are a beautiful destination for travelers looking for a unique experience. With its stunning beaches, lush forests, and vibrant culture, the Virgin Islands offer something for everyone. But how do you get around? The best way to explore the Virgin Islands is by car, either in your own rental or in a taxi. Public ferries are also a great way to get around, connecting St.

John with Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas and Cruz Bay in St. John. There are also launch services that link Red Hook on the east end of St.

Thomas with Charlotte Amalie and Cruz Bay. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to flying between the U. S. Virgin Islands, public ferries are your best bet.

Ferries depart from both ferry terminals in St. Thomas (Charlotte Amalie and Red Hook) to the West End or Road Town in Tortola, a 45- to 55-minute drive. You can also take ferries from Tortola or St. Charlotte Amalie to Peter Island and other private resorts. If you're driving around the islands, keep in mind that on some of the more remote islands, boat service may be only once a week.

Most hotels have free parking, except those in the congested downtown Charlotte Amalie. St. Thomas has many service stations, especially outside Charlotte Amalie and at strategic points in the north and east end of the island. In St.

Croix, most of the gas stations are in Christiansted, but there are also a few along the main roads and in Frederiksted. Taxis are another great way to get around the Virgin Islands. Thomas, taxi vans carry up to a dozen passengers to various destinations; smaller private taxis are also available. You'll find plenty of taxis upon your arrival at the airport. John, there are private taxis and vans for three or more passengers available.

Croix, taxis congregate at the airport, in Christiansted and in Frederiksted. Increasingly, outdoor “safari” buses (more like reconditioned flatbed trucks) with capacity for up to 30 passengers are being used as pick-up and drop off taxis as well as for tours and excursions around the island. The only islands with recommended bus service are St. Thomas and St. Croix; buses leave Charlotte Amalie and go around the island; in St. Croix, there are air-conditioned buses that go from Christiansted to Frederiksted. The Virgin Islands have two main airports: Cyril E.

King Airport in St. Thomas and Henry E Rohlsen Airport in St Croix; most flights connect to San Juan, Puerto Rico. When you're not exploring by car or ferry, there's plenty to do on land as well! Visit the synagogue in St Thomas - the oldest American synagogue in continuous use and a national historic monument - or take a stroll through downtown St Thomas during the day and explore its brick-lined alleys which were once home to slave traders. Be sure to get out in the water too! Snorkeling and diving are top notch here with beautiful reefs that attract visitors from all over the world (the Virgin Islands Coral Reef Monument is a fantastic place to put on your goggles). And don't miss out on exploring the sprawling national park of St John where you can snorkel, camp and hike along mountain trails to hidden coves. If you're feeling adventurous, try zip-lining or rent a boat for some Western Caribbean lunches with wine! And don't forget about live music - check out live jazz on Sunday afternoons at Fat Turtle outdoor bar or look out for spontaneous shows popping up on all of these islands. No matter how you choose to explore it, you're sure to have an unforgettable experience when visiting the Virgin Islands!.

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