Do I Need a COVID Test to Travel to the Virgin Islands?

Travelers planning a trip to the United States Virgin Islands must submit proof of a negative COVID-19 antigen or PCR test result taken within five days of the start of their trip. Alternatively, those who have received all their vaccinations in the USVI can provide proof of their vaccination status. The latest travel updates can be found on the VI Department of Tourism website. KAYAK is a search engine that helps travelers find the best deals on airline tickets, hotels, cruises, vacations, and rental cars.

It uses bots to search for these deals, but sometimes these bots are mistaken for humans. If you're seeing this page, it means KAYAK thinks you're a bot and that the page you were trying to access is only useful to humans. Bots are usually beneficial, but some websites are only meant for humans. For example, robots should not be booking airline tickets as they tend to cram large suitcases into the upper compartment and talk about celebrities they know while you're trying to watch the movie.

If you've been using KAYAK correctly so far, close your browser and start again. If you need more information about bots, visit Wikipedia. All non-citizen air passengers 18 years of age or older traveling to the United States must show a COVID vaccination certificate. The USVI is a territory of the United States, so U. S.

citizens arriving from Puerto Rico or the U. mainland do not need a passport to enter. The USVI is a year-round destination, but travelers may find better deals on hotels and attractions during the summer months. The USVI has good hospitals with well-trained doctors and medical professionals in St. Thomas, which is the Caribbean's most popular cruise destination with more than 500 arrivals each year.

These ships arrive at the West India Company pier in Havensight on the east end of St. Thomas port and at Crown Bay marina on the west end. All travelers entering the USVI must have a travel exam document before arrival. Visit the application page to learn more about travel requirements for entering the USVI, such as testing for COVID-19.

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